Associate Trainer Job Openings At SeaWorld: Be Prepared to Crawl

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To be considered for a job training the animals at SeaWorld you basically need to be 18, fit, able to swim and scuba dive,  have finished high school, and be confident enough to speak to groups.  You must also be able to “ regularly use hands and fingers, reach with hands and arms, handle, feel, stoop, crawl or kneel”.  No experience or training is required. It is no wonder that people and animals suffer by being put together in that kind of work environment.

What you might get to do as an associate trainer.

Required Skills, Knowledge, Education and Training to be an associate trainer at Seaworld:
•Must be at least 18 years of age.
•Must have a High School Diploma.
•Must be CPR and SCUBA certified.
•Must be able to pass a swim test.
•Must have strong written/verbal communication skills; ability to speak effectively before groups.
•Must have the ability to read, analyze and interpret technical journals, periodicals and governmental procedures.
•Must have the ability to compute rates, ratios, percentages, and to create and interpret graphs.
•Must be able to frequently lift and/or move 50 pounds, occasionally lift and/or move up to 100 pounds.
•Must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time.
Must be able to regularly use hands and fingers, reach with hands and arms, handle, feel, stoop, crawl or kneel.
•Must be able to work indoors and in outside weather conditions (i.e., sunny, wet and/or humid conditions).
•Must be able to positively interact with park guests and co-workers of all ages, different ethnic/cultural backgrounds and/or languages, and individuals with special needs.
•Resume Required
•Bachelors Degree in psychology, biological or zoological sciences preferred.
•Six months of professional animal training experience in a professional setting preferred.
Basic Job Functions
•Enthusiastically represents SeaWorld by displaying a positive attitude, high level of energy and commitment to quality throughout all aspects of the job.
•Provides for proper nutrition, appropriate and sanitary living conditions, and constant care for marine mammals.
•Performs in both education and general public shows.
•Develops an awareness of training principles in order to implement and maintain proper husbandry and show skills.
•Responsible for safe interactions with animals both in and out of the water.

Recently Seaworld eliminated the bonus salary for trainers who work in the water, and many believe that this is because by giving the extra money, Seaworld acknowledged that the corporation considered it dangerous to get in the water with their animals.  Seaworld faces significant fines and lawsuits tied to the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau and are in financial straits in general, so arguably they want to cut costs as well as dodge responsibility.

The fantasy job.

The reality.

The upshot of Seaworld’s hiring practices is that they hire untrained people to do a dangerous job for low pay.  In the past it was considered to be a glamorous job and the amusement parks could get away with this, and in the present economy they may continue to find people willing to take the risk for the $14.67/hr that they pay.
But if Seaworld needs something to take to the bank it is this:  with this recipe for disaster it is only a matter of time before more people and animals are hurt.

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