BP Oil Disaster – How To Help

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I don’t have much time right now to devote to blogging myself, but I will keep you posted on important marine mammal events and will let you know as soon as the Southern Resident orcas return!

This link will take you to a great blog post, filled with information – I copied the text below but the original post has videos, photos and links:

“Throwing The Social Media Kitchen Sink At The Oil Spill & ‘Drill Baby Drill'”

Throwing The Social Media Kitchen Sink At The Oil Spill & ‘Drill Baby Drill’
by Ron Callari

Senior Obama adviser David Axelrod told Good Morning America on April 30 that the White House will not authorize additional oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico until the investigation of the exploded and sunked BP oil rig is analyzed. While this horrific event is casting doubt over the whole “drill baby drill” mantra movement, social media as its known to do is rising to the occasion to help alleviate some of the repercussions.

Youtube, the world’s most popular online video community has over a hundred videos uploaded on the topic to date (as of this posting). Here, you have Bobby Jindal, the governor of the state declaring a state of emergency and providing an overview of the current status, while asking the federal government for assistance.

Lousiana Shore Cleanup Facebook page

This is a page devoted to developing informational resources, and aiding in the location of new and existing groups that are involved in shore cleanup. Updates include topics like “how to be trained for cleaning oil soaked animals,” and where to register for volunteer clean-up crews in various towns along the coast.

Volunteer Louisiana Interactive Map

At Volunteer Lousiana’s Web site, you can access an interactive map to find a local volunteer center near you. The organization will will work with individuals and groups to identify local non-profits and faith-based organizations who need volunteers that would match the skills and interests of those that sign up. You can also register as a member on their Facebook page here.

Volunteer Louisiana interactive mapVolunteer Louisiana interactive map
Tweets From Louisiana Senatorial candidates

Two men locked in a race for a Senate seat this fall tweeted about a topic that affects their voters Thursday; the devastating Louisiana oil spill.

The incident is believed to have killed 11 people and rescue workers are having trouble containing the damage. The disaster is sure to impact the debate over President Barack Obama’s plan to expand offshore oil drilling and the forthcoming consideration of the climate change legislation. The two senators in a Battle of Tweets are appealing to their constituencies.

Rep. Charlie Melancon (D-La.), who is challenging Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) tweeted the following message about what he’s accomplishing around the state.

Vitter taking up the opposition is appealing to his followers to join in and help.

BP Oil Spill Tweets

On The Week site, the online news site includes a live Twitterstream delivering unfiltered, real-time tweets from around the world that pertain to the BP Oil Spill.

In a Reuters wire just released prior to this posting, BP Pic admitted that it is culpable for the oil spill. “We are taking full responsibility for the spill and we will clean it up and where people can present legitimate claims for damages we will honor them. We are going to be very, very aggressive in all of that,” Tony Hayward told Reuters in an interview on Friday.

President Barack Obama has proposed opening offshore areas of the U.S., where oil exploration is currently barred, to drilling.Oil executives fear the oil slick, which is expected to hit the Louisiana shore on Friday, will halt those plans.

It’s odd that while the president adamantly opposed the “Drill Baby Drill” platform proposed by the McCain/Palin team during the presidential campaign, that his reversal on this issue opens him up for criticism attached to one of the country’s worst oil spill disasters since the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989. How the debate will resolve itself is conjecture at this point. But safe to say, social media is addressing the issue in real-time to counter some of the devastation, and will be one of the areas that will be judged after the fact by its success in helping to deal head-on with the incident.

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