Daytona Race Succeeds in Bringing Awareness of the Plight of Japan’s Dolphins

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There is only winning when you are racing to help the planet.

The blue marble, when held at arm’s length, represents how the earth looks from up in space – a fragile blue orb dependent upon the oceans to sustain life.
Yesterday at Daytona, Leilani Munter raced to help bring awareness about the oceans in general, and specifically the treatment of dolphins in Japan.
Even though the Cove’s car was plagued with mechanical problems, Leilani Munter got her message out at heart-stopping speed at yesterday’s  race. As her bright blue race car sped around the track at 180 – 200 miles per hour, viewers had time to reflect on this young woman’s vision, her sheer guts and determination, and finally, her plucky endurance.
She accomplished what she set out to do – to increase awareness of the brutality that goes on behind the scenes  and how it is linked to the captive industry (see Save Japan Dolphins for more information).
Bravo, Leilani!
(Copies of the tweets provided by her group during the race are below).
Leilani autographing copies of “The Cove” along with the film’s creators Ric O’Barry and Louie Psihoyos


We believe we may have an electrical problem, we went through four ignition boxes this week. In the race I was (cont)

Me too, thank you pair Networks for your support! “@pairnetworks: Had an awesome day Daytona International Speedway with @leilanimunter

Way down on power – ignition issue. Not much we can do except turn the laps.

A little early strategy, hanging back with a little to see what happens.

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