Have A Heart SeaWorld, And Let Corky Go Home

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What is the age of a five year old orca in human years? Five.

Corky (Courtesy OrcaNetwork and OrcaLab)

Developmentally speaking, a five year old orca is the same as a five year old human, even though they are born more precocious than we are. They can swim immediately (but must learn how to breathe), and like us they depend on their mothers for milk for the first few months, and nurse for up to a year or two.

They reach puberty about the same age as we do – about 12 for males and 10 for females. They live as long as we do, and stay with their families for their entire lifetimes.
That means that an orca who was caught and taken from our southern resident whales as two to six years of age were just “kids”, and there are just two left in captivity that were taken at such a tender age, “Lolita” who exists in Miami Seaquarium, and Corky at SeaWorld.

Ongoing efforts to return those whales to their natal waters are gaining momentum as we learn the magnitude of the injury we did to those animals, yet there still remains a callous and avaricious attitude by the theme parks in their refusal to allow those whales to go home.

Please keep in mind, that at 4 – 6 years of age the captured orcas had most likely formed permanent memories of their language, families, and environment, just like a child taken from his or her family would, and can integrate back into their cultures.

December 11th marked the 40th year of Corky’s capture, and in support of the efforts by our Canadian neighbors to get her home, please reflect upon this video:

More information on Corky can be found here.

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