Morgan, the Orca Rescued From the Wild and Given to an Amusement Park is Being Attacked by Other Orcas

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For more information about this young whale’s tale of woe – rescue, court battle, and eventual loss to captivity, please see ‘ Orca whale Morgan headed to life in captivity, loses court case, loses the chance of a normal life’ and ‘Orca whale Morgan’s fate follows the golden rule: those who have the gold make the rules‘.
The following text is translated from the Dutch original posted on the Orca Coalition website, and the video shows how the other whales behaving towards young Morgan in her new ‘home’:
More footage of the situation of Morgan.

We wanted to show the images to experts to properly determine what is going on in the footage. Several experts have therefore looked at the them. At the height of 39 seconds bites are clearly seen on Morgan. The footage also shows how the other orcas (Skyla and Kohana) are chasing Morgan and attack her. Morgan constantly endures attacks.

These images were taken by a tourist and on the video a comment in German is heard. Its been said that they are playing.
The experts, however, say that these are attacks and that these attacks are not to determine the hierarchy, but it’s clearly shown that Morgan is not being accepted.

Morgan has no way to escape.

The Dolfinarium is pretending that totally nothing is going on. On their site where they maintain a blog about Morgan it is said that she is fanatically playing with Skyla and Kohana. Experts who have analyzed the images however, state that they are not playing but attacks are taking place for which Morgan is trying to get away.
According to the Dolfinarium ‘everything is going just fine’.  If that was the case, then why does Morgan already have wounds so soon after her arrival in Loro Parque?
Why is Morgan victim of this experiment?

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