Now Here Is Some Really Good News: Last of the Rescued Pilot Whales Will Be Allowed to Live (Updated 8/28/11)

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Update 8/28/11:  “SeaWorld received federal approval today to provide a permanent, caring home for the remaining rescued pilot whale that has been deemed non-releasable,” SeaWorld spokeswoman Becca Bides said Friday.  (
Over the last couple of weeks there has been an increasing chorus drifting through the internet.  Those well-intended voices had begun to call for the euthanization of the last rescued pilot whale, clinically known as #300, because after months of round the clock care her condition seemed only to worsen.  300’s back is twisted from a combination of an unfortunate feeding regime and lack of exercise, and she suffers from damage to her lungs.  Three months of intensive care just seemed futile, and to so many it just seemed the kindest thing to do would be to put her out of her misery.

SeaWorld's new rehabilitation facility

It was all made much worse in the public eye when SeaWorld was able to secure the youngest, healthiest whale of the dozens that stranded in early May in the Florida Keys – most died, two were released, and two have survived – and took her to their brand new rehabilitation facility, leaving the sickest one behind.  Although it seems like just another attempt by the captivity industry to side-step government protocols, I held out hope – small though it was – that SeaWorld was planning to do the right thing and take 300 once the younger whale was processed through the rehab system.  This makes sense on many levels, from not trying the new facility on the most fragile animal, to waiting until the sicker one was healthy enough to move.
Now that the ‘powers that be’ have decided that 300 can’t be released, she deserves to go to the best facility possible, one where she can be with others of her own species and hopefully the calf from her original pod.  All the people who worked so hard to save her, enduring cold, wet, unhealthy conditions for hour upon hour deserve to know that the rest of us care enough to support the choice to keep, rather than euthanize this unfortunate whale.
Although 300 is up for bid to anyone with appropriate facilities, SeaWorld is the only place in North America with other pilot whales and is the logical place to send her, if for no other reason than to make it possible for all the hundreds of people who helped in her rescue to go visit her.
Pilot Whale

300 may never be able to jump through hoops or give birth to a healthy calf, limiting the financial gains possible – not that the captive industry won’t find other ways to use her – so it will be interesting to see what develops. Personally, I think SeaWorld and other amusement parks have already figured out that public sentiment is turning away from circus shows, and towards true rescue and rehabilitation.
We’ll be watching.

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