Orcas Sighted Near Bainbridge Island [Watch KOMO4 News] 2/23/2011

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Orcas were spotted from shore close to the east side of Bainbridge Island this morning, between 8 and 9.
Check back for updates-
Update 11:55:

Orca Network John Rogstad @ WSFs reports 1 pod of 5+ orcas frolicking/milling off Magnolia Bluff near 4 mile rock; and another pod of 5+ orcas at Edmonds, east of the [shipping] lanes heading south at 11:38 am.

Update 1 pm :

Quick post: pod traveling north at Scatchet Head Bouy [South end of Whidbey Island]

Update 2:30 pm:
Orca Network Thanks. KOMO TV got some chopper views for the evening news. [There may be more than one group down in Puget Sound, keep an eye out!]

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