SeaWorld, Blackfish, and San Diego – Live Debate Can Be Viewed Here

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What is amazing is that SeaWorld actually sent representatives to publicly debate the issues of keeping orcas in captivity.  Ever since the film blackfish came out, SeaWorld had refused to step up to the plate and discuss their practices.
What is not amazing is that SeaWorld continues to adhere to  a  business model developed 50 years ago.   They presented specious arguments, seemingly designed to protect their own interests – ie, their research emphasis has been on reproduction…well, what use is that to the wild animals? Also, they consistently tried to blur the lines among the subspecies, ie the fish eating Southern Resident orcas versus the marine mammal eating Transients. Barbie claims their research is used by those who study wild ones.  Rescued a young gray whale, but have they done it since (no).
Barbie – they are like dogs. Vet: they are not rocket scientists.
Barbie – When asked why the killer whale shows should be seen as important, and how people experience the whales.  It is exciting.
Barbie – Has had so many people ask how they can get her job…the actually says “How do you get a job writing for the Voice of San Diego?”, the hosts of the show who have logged countless hours trying to bring both unequivocal representation to both sides of the issue. Snap!
Vet (patronizingly)-‘ if you don’t know who Keiko the Killer whale is I won’t  describe anymore to you than that” (then goes on to explain who Keiko was).
This video is long, but well worth listening to.

Thursday evening at the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla, Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis and Lisa Halverstadt are co-moderating a discussion between:
• Susan Gray Davis, a former UC San Diego professor who wrote a book about the park’s business model
• Todd Robeck, who first joined SeaWorld as a veterinarian and now leads breeding and reproduction programs at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens
• Kristi Burtis, a senior animal trainer who has worked at SeaWorld San Diego for more than 26 years
• Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist with the Washington, D.C.-based Animal Welfare Institute

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
Animal Ambassadors – Today’s world changed in 50 years. Barbie
w’hat common ground protecting animanls and ocean Naomi says telling the truth. It is the inaccurate information that bothers biologists. dorsal collapse due to gravity SW should be honest which would be honest education. Todd agreed. lifestyle issue not health issue. Practicing since ’92.Naomi says natural history is modified

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