SeaWorld Float Needed Police Protection, Protesters Arrested at the 125th Rose Parade

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What will it take for SeaWorld to understand that public opinion is firmly against keeping whales in captivity? Rather than make changes to their float in order to maintain the wholesome family atmosphere that has defined the Rose Parade for 125 years, they inserted a commando presence requiring police  in full riot gear to protect the float – from what?  Protesters?
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Police confirmed that about 10 people were arrested near the SeaWorld float. The people were apparently trying to stop the float, according to Pasadena police.

A heavy police presence is surrounding the SeaWorld float as it travels along the parade route. NBC news.

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Watching this parade on New Years Day has been a family tradition of mine, and this year HGTV showed the parade commercial-free. It was the best coverage I have watched in years, they paid attention to everything including all the horses (which the networks tend to gloss over in their coverage).  As always, the floats are works of art covered entirely in natural materials – roses, seeds, seaweed etc.
While many people expected protesters for the more controversial floats, SeaWorld was the only one to bring the cloud of police protection into the otherwise sunny day.  What were they thinking?
They should have stayed home or accepted that people would object to their presence. Some people may think that SeaWorld should have the right have a float, but when does the right of a mega corporation trump human sensitivity?
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This is so frightening to the management at SeaWorld not because they fear what the protesters will do, but instead what the protesters represent; that the public will no longer tolerate corporate greed at the expense of animal welfare. And they keep reacting badly, stuck in the business model from 50 years ago as they celebrate their 50th year.
A half a century is plenty of time to have gotten it right.

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