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Young Orca Whale ‘Talks’ to Boat: What Would You Say If You Could Communicate With Dolphins?

Whether or not it is a good idea to communicate with dolphins is something I’ve personally struggled with for most of my life, and yesterday was no different as I struggled to write this post. Everything went wrong, from technical difficulties to brain freezes on my part, so I finally took down the original version. I realized that it really is a big question, the core of which is that we need to consider what possible benefit it will be to whales and dolphins to be able to communicate with us. My fear is that people would find new ways to use them for their own means. Plus, people really haven’t figured out how to communicate with each other well, and most of the time are not straightforward, honest, and open with each other.
But most of all, we humans tend to dwell on the past and worry about the future, and forget about being present in the present. Animals are fully present in the moment, their survival depends upon it – and it is one of the things that makes being with them so appealing.
Luna, the young lost whale in the video, spent years hanging out with people and learned to imitate the sounds that he heard because he was lost from his family and their vocalizations. Humans, on the other hand, fully aware of how to locate and reunite him with his family instead chose to argue, fight, delay decisions to return him 300 measly miles to the south where he could find his family.

We were concerned about our own issues, what it might mean for future lost whales, what happened to other lost whales. He just wanted community.
Now we are again faced with the choice: do we return the young, lost orca Morgan to her family, and perhaps have an ambassador of sorts – a wild whale who might grow up and be willing to stay in contact with humans – or do we keep her in captivity where she will just learn to imitate the sounds of her tank and the vocalizations of other, unrelated, orcas. Kept in a tank she will be unable to teach us anything, since the other captive orcas were all taken from their family as calves, or were born in captivity.
If we are going to learn anything from whales and dolphins, we need to start with wild adult animals, not preschoolers. Let’s return Morgan home and see what happens.

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