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Reminder: Filmmaker Will Be Present at the Seattle and Tacoma Opening of “The Whale” Sept 9th, 2011

Seattle and Tacoma – September 9
“The Whale will play in Seattle at SIFF Cinema starting on Friday, September 9 at 7:00 pm, with three shows on Saturday and Sunday. At least one of us will be in attendance for Q&A following all weekend screenings. The Whale will continue playing through September 15.  SIFF Cinema is located at McCaw Hall at Seattle Center, 321 Mercer St., Seattle, WA. For more info on showtimes and to buy a ticket, go to SIFF Cinema’s website.
“We’ll also be screening the film in Tacoma at the Grand Cinema, starting on Friday, September 9. One of us will be in attendance following the two Saturday matinee screenings, 1:30 and 3:30 pm. The Grand Cinema is located at 606 S. Fawcett Ave, Tacoma, WA. The film plays through September 15. For more info on showtimes and to buy a ticket, go to the Grand Cinema’s website

“The Whale”: How The Life of One Little Southern Resident Orca Is Reaching Hearts Across The World

“The Whale” had its worldwide premiere in the Danish Faroe Islands, and will soon be opening in other locations, starting with Seattle and Tacoma on September 9th, 2011. For more information on the film and to find out about locations near you, go to The Whale Movie website.
Don’t miss this poignant film;  you will laugh, you will find tears pooling behind the curtains of your lashes, but most of all, you’ll experience what these animals are all about.  It is unforgettable.

From the filmmakers: “It was an amazing screening of THE WHALE at the Nordic House in Torshavn, Faroe Islands last night.

The film received two huge rounds of applause – in one of the last whaling nations on Earth. It was followed by a provocative discussion with some tough questions – I was grilled by a pro-whaling member of the Faroese parliament.

The message at the end was one straight from Luna: friendship is bigger than we know – and friendship must form the basis for relationships across cultures and species.”

We could either have a red-carpet premiere with celebrities at a theater in LA, or we could do something specific to help whales,” said Suzanne Chisholm, the film’s producer and co-director, who will be in attendance at the premiere on behalf of the film. “So when people in the Faroes invited us because they love what this story means, we jumped at the chance.”
The spectacular and remote Faroe Islands archipelago is a self-governing territory of Denmark, located between Scotland and Iceland. The Islands’ traditional pilot whale hunts have recently become the focus of international opposition to whaling. This opposition has dramatically increased this summer with the arrival of an activist ship and television crews.
“Having the world premiere of THE WHALE here will hopefully inspire people, enlighten everyone, raise awareness and increase the understanding of animals,” says Rúni Nielsen, a member of the board of the Faroese Animal Protection Organization, which invited THE WHALE. “The film is a very positive story about a whale. We agree with the theme of the film, that ‘Friendship is bigger than we know.’”
The Faroese Animal Protection Organization protects pets, wildlife, farm, and work animals on the islands.
“I would like to express my deep appreciation to the people of the Faroe Islands who have welcomed us to their country,” said Ady Gil, founder of Ady Gil World Conservation, a sponsor of the event. “They are giving us the opportunity to show the other side of whales, and how compassion can be built between humans and other species.”  (From the press release).