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Former SeaWorld trainer to share insights

Former SeaWorld trainer, Samantha Berg

Former SeaWorld trainer Samantha Berg plans to discuss orcas from a trainer’s perspective in what promises to be an interesting and entertaining broadcast of the Sam Simon show this Friday.
She intends to discuss the living conditions of the whales, the true nature of the job, and the dichotomy between the trainer’s professed love for the orcas versus how inhumanely the  whales are kept.
Of course it is live radio, so anything can happen – and if you miss the live show you can hear a repeat at 6:10 pm, or check sites such as Voice of the Orcas which may have recordings that you can hear at a later date.
You can listen to her interview  here, 3:10 pm Pacific time on Friday, 6/8/12, or again at 6:10 pm.