The $2,000.00 Horse Slaughter Challenge

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Here is the challenge – if you can come up with a valid, indisputable reason supporting horse slaughter,  Jerry Finch  – the president of the non-profit horse rescue organization  Habitat for Horses –  wants to hear from you.  He is fed up with the double-speak and rationale behind the slaughter industry as well as the complete lack of facts that support the killing of  horses for human consumption.

The bottom line is this: the life of a horse is greater than the need for a dollar. Education, commitment and understanding can make the challenge of horse ownership achievable, while the reward to all those involved is far beyond what words can describe.
All I’m asking for is one single, logical, meaningful reason for commercial horse slaughter for human consumption. Email me in the comment section, email me privately, tell me if you want your name used or if you want to be anon. Make your statement, backed up with actual facts, and if you can present an indisputable, logical reason for commercial horse slaughter for human consumption, I will personally wave your flag and agree with you in public, plus I will give you $1,000.
We are upping the ante. RT Fitch has thrown in another $1,000.00 on top of mine, for a total of $2,000.00 to be given to any person that can give us one logical, ethical and scientifically provable reason why it is necessary to slaughter horses for human consumption. In addition, I will publicly apologize for my years of battling horse slaughter.
Show us, beyond any doubt, that you are right and we are wrong. Here is your chance to spread the word of your gospel, to demonstrate why horse slaughter is necessary for the good of the country, for the good of the industry or even for the good of the starving masses in Paris.
That’s all you have to do, and this offer is open to any organization, any pseudo-wizard equine veterinarian, any university, breed organization spokesperson, or Senator. We await your knowledge, your wisdom, your proven facts.

At this point you may be wondering what this has to do with the focus of this blog, which concerns marine mammal issues – and the answer is this:  as you read Finch’s blog on the horse slaughter controversy, just substitute ‘whale’ for ‘horse’, and it will soon be clear.  The issues are fundamentally the same, and so are the solutions.
The industries will find ways to continue to destroy not just the living things that are harmless to humans but more alarmingly by so doing they destroy our idea of ourselves as a compassionate society…unless we stop allowing it to happen.
If I had the resources I would add to Finch’s coffers and increase the challenge, but I’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for a few horses that I bought out from under a slaughter house in 2004.  Three of the kindest, gentlest mares I’ve known became mine for 50 cents a pound.  They were nearly full term in pregnancy at the time.
Please take a few minutes to read Finch’s blog and do what you can to help the horses, and continue to think about what you can do to help dolphins and whales.
It all matters.

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