Update on the Russian orcas via Greenpeace – tomorrow the whales will be free

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Photo Credit: Greenpeace Russia
  • Rain brought relief from the heat as the three orcas were prepared for the last leg of their trip to freedom.
  • Once again, the water was changed in each container, and the whales were massaged where it was needed to counter the effects of the cramped space in their containers. In the wild, orcas rarely rest motionless and travel as much as a hundred miles in a day, and this is the fifth day that they have been in those small tanks.
  • When needed, they have had their skin covered with protective ointments and have been provided with shade during the hot portions of the trip.
  • Two tons of ice were used in cooling their water.
  • The final part of the trip will be by trucks again.
  • Tomorrow (6 Aug 19) they will be released into the Sea of Okhostk.
  • Once these three are released, plans are in place to locate and visually assess all 8 of the freed killer whales.


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