World Oceans Day 2012 – follow the cyber blue whale on June 8th

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Update:  This works beautifully!  The whale was in Australia this morning when I logged on-
The theme of World Oceans Day this year is ‘Youth: the Next Wave for Change’, and there are several events planned worldwide.  In addition, the organizers have partnered with The Blu to promote an ocean game, where participants buy beautifully animated species to create habitats – either ‘true blu’ (accurate) or ‘open blu’ (imaginary).

Oceanographer Sylvia Earle, Time Magazine’s Hero of the Planet, writes that “TheBlu is an extraordinary way to enjoy the Oceans and learn about all the individual species that interdependently form our life support system. I am delighted to be part of theBlu and offering my guidance.”
There were glitches when I downloaded The Blu (Norton Anti-virus doesn’t recognize the software, so it was necessary to remove the program from quarantine to install it.) At this point all that appears on the screen is blue water, but according to the company tomorrow morning the virtual whale will appear.
But the real ocean is just as dazzling as the animated, as this video shows – the often overlooked planktonic forms of marine species are fascinating:

Seattle area World Oceans Day events:
Seattle Aquarium
Everett Reflections School of Dance
Olympia SeaCinema Film Festival
Camano Island Festival, Camas Beach

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