Young Orca L-112 Was Killed by Blunt Force Trauma

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Little Victoria, L-112, before she was killed.
Little Victoria, L-112, before she was killed.

UPDATE: The complete report can be found here, and states:
“These results do not conflict with gross
observations and the proposed cause of acute or peracute death by blunt force trauma;
however, blast- or seismic-related injuries cannot be entirely discounted. We
acknowledge that post-mortem decomposition may have obscured some lesions and
hindered mass-spectroscopy gas analysis.”
Please go to the International Dolphin and Whale Stranding Network for continued updates.
We will have to wait for the details of the necropsy, but there is nothing in this information to absolve the Navy from blame, since the fact that the young whale was hit ¬†implies that she may not have been able to hear an approaching vessel, and and also the information doesn’t rule out trauma from a blast or explosion that may have occurred during military exercises.
Here is the information as released by AP:

SEATTLE (AP) – Two years after a 3-year-old endangered orca washed ashore in southwest Washington, investigators have concluded that the whale was hit, struck or rammed in the head and neck. But they couldn’t determine the source of that blow.
In a report released Tuesday, the team of biologists and veterinarians ruled out possible sources of the blunt trauma, including sonar and small underwater explosive activity in Canadian waters off Vancouver Island.
The death investigation found that the orca known as L-112 likely died miles south of there, somewhere between north and central Oregon.
The report by the Northwest Marine Mammal Stranding Network also notes that no U.S. naval training activities involving sonar or explosives were conducted in the area during the time of the whale’s death in early February 2012.
Some whale advocates had raised suspicions that the orca’s injuries were linked to an underwater explosion or military training activity at sea.

Following her death, Victoria washed up on an Oregon beach.
Following her death, Victoria washed up on a Oregon beach.
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