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2010 Endorsements

Washington Conservation Voters Current Endorsements

The following candidates have been endorsed by Washington Conservation Voters.

Featured Endorsements

Endorsed: Rep. Sharon Nelson (34th LD)

Sharon Nelson has been an environmental champion throughout her three-year tenure in the state House. In addition to her unwavering support to protect Maury Island, she played a key leadership role advocating for the Clean Water Act of 2010 and the Transit Oriented Communities bill in 2009.

Endorsed: Rep. Timm Ormsby (3rd LD)

Timm Ormsby isn’t your typical environmental legislator. Timm is a cement mason; his typical base of support comes from labor. However, over the last two years, Timm has been the prime sponsor of legislation to clean up stormwater pollution, the biggest threat to clean water in our state.

Endorsed: Rep. Christine Rolfes (23rd LD)

Christine Rolfes has been a champion legislator since her election in 2006, which was a top electoral priority for Washington Conservation Voters. In 2010 she was a leader on the Safe Baby Bottle Act and in 2009 was the prime sponsor of the Efficiency First legislation.

Endorsed: Rep. Dave Upthegrove (33rd LD)

As the Chair of the House Ecology and Parks Committee, Dave Upthegrove is an important advocate for the majority of environmental bills that move through the legislature. He has made both climate change and Puget Sound restoration pillars of his legislative work.

Endorsed: Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson (36th LD)

Mary Lou Dickerson is a consistent leader on toxic issues and other environmental health bills. She was the prime sponsor for the Safe Baby Bottle Act in 2010 after also leading on the issue in 2009.

Endorsed: Rep. John McCoy (38th LD)

As the chair of the Technology, Energy & Communications committee, John McCoy has been a strong advocate for maintaining the strength and integrity of I-937 both in the 2009 and 2010 legislative sessions.

Endorsed: Rep. Hans Dunshee (44th LD)

Hans Dunshee has consistently proven himself one of the fiercest environmental advocates in the Legislature. In 2010, his leadership kept the Clean Water Act of 2010 alive throughout session and to the end of the special session.

Endorsed: Rep. Scott White (46th LD)

Scott White has only served in the Legislature for two years, but he has quickly asserted himself as a strong environmental advocate.

Endorsed: Rep. Geoff Simpson (47th LD)

Geoff Simpson is the environmental community’s biggest land use champion. Over the years, he has been the strongest advocate on growth management and transportation issues, which he is well-positioned to do as chair of the House Local Government & Housing committee.

Endorsed: Rep. Ross Hunter (48th LD)

As the chair of the House Finance committee, Ross Hunter is instrumental in working behind the scenes to make sure environmental bills pass out of committee. He was a key advocate for the Clean Water Act of 2010, along with many other bills.

Endorsed: Charlie Wiggins (State Supreme Court)

Attorney Charlie Wiggins is running for State Supreme Court to restore integrity, impartiality, and independence to the bench. He is an exceptionally well-qualified lawyer and national expert in judicial ethics. He is running against an incumbent, Justice Richard Sanders, who has displayed strong ideological leanings that have impacted his ability to be unbiased.

Endorsed: Yes on R-52

Many schools across our state are riddled with mold, asbestos, lead and other toxins that can harm our kids and make their learning environments unhealthy and unsafe. Approving Referendum 52 would work to protect our kids and our environment from the risks generated by these contaminants. If passed, it will use a $500 million bond created from existing taxes to modernize public schools, community colleges and universities in Washington with healthy, energy saving building improvements.

Endorsed: No on I-1053

Tim Eyman is back. His latest initiative, I-1053, recycles the failed concept behind Initiative 960 – forcing a two-thirds vote of the legislature to pass any increase in revenue for our state, such as taxing polluters. If this initiative passes, next legislative session’s expected $3 billion budget deficit will have to be closed with another brutal all-cuts budget. Critical protections that keep our air safe to breathe, our water healthy to drink, and toxic contaminations cleaned up would once again be at risk.

Endorsed: No on I-1107

Initiative 1107 would repeal the small, mostly temporary tax on non-essential items like candy, soda, bottled water and gum. The money raised – more than $100 million per year – goes to fund services such as environmental protections, schools, and health care. Soda pop has no nutritional value, and is a major contributor to the epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes – with taxpayers footing much of the bill. It makes sense for the highly profitable soda companies to pay back a small amount for the costs their products create. Vote No on 1107.

Statewide Initiatives

Yes on R-52

No on I-1053

No on I-1107

State Supreme Court

Pos 6: Charlie Wiggins

District 1, Bothell

House 1: Derek Stanford

House 2: Luis Moscoso

District 3, Spokane

House 1: Andy Billig

House 2: Timm Ormsby

District 11, Seattle, Renton

House 1: Zack Hudgins

House 2: Bob Hasegawa

District 21, Edmonds

House 1: Mary Helen Roberts

House 2: Marko Liias

District 22, Olympia

House 2: Sam Hunt

District 23, Bainbridge Island

House 1: Sherry Appleton

House 2: Christine Rolfes

District 24, Olympic Peninsula

House 1: Kevin Van de Wege

House 2: Steve Tharinger

District 25, Puyallup

House 2: Dawn Morrell

District 26, Bremerton

Senate: Derek Kilmer

House 1: Sumner Schoenike

District 27, Tacoma

House 1: Jake Fey

House 2: Jeannie Darneille

District 28, Lakewood

House 2: Tami Green

District 29, South Tacoma, Lakewood

Senate: Steve Conway

House 1: Connie Ladenburg

House 2: Steve Kirby

District 30, Federal Way

Senate: Tracey Eide

House 2: Carol Gregory

District 31, Enumclaw

House 1: Shawn Bunney

District 32, Shoreline, Edmonds

Senate: Maralyn Chase

House 1: Cindy Ryu

House 2: Ruth Kagi

District 33, Des Moines

Senate: Karen Keiser

House 1: Tina Orwall

House 2: Dave Upthegrove

District 34, Seattle

Senate: Sharon Nelson

House 1: Eileen Cody

House 2: Joe Fitzgibbon

District 35, Belfair

House 1: Kathy Haigh

House 2: Fred Finn

District 36, Seattle

Senate: Jeanne Kohl-Welles

House 1: Reuven Carlyle

House 2: Mary Lou Dickerson

District 37, Seattle

Senate: Adam Kline

House 2: Eric Pettigrew

District 38, Everett

Senate: Nick Harper

House 1: John McCoy

House 2: Mike Sells

District 40, Anacortes

House: 1: Kristine Lytton

District 41, Mercer Island, Renton

House 1: Judy Clibborn

House 2: Marcie Maxwell

District 42, Bellingham

House 2: Kelli Linville

District 43, Seattle

Senate: Ed Murray

House 1: Jamie Pedersen

House 2: Frank Chopp

District 44, Snohomish

House 1: Hans Dunshee

District 45, Woodinville, Redmond

Senate: Eric Oemig

House 1: Roger Goodman

House 2: Larry Springer

District 46, Seattle

Senate: Scott White

House 1: David Frockt

House 2: Phyllis Kenney

District 47, Kent

Senate: Claudia Kauffman

House 1: Geoff Simpson

House 2: Pat Sullivan

District 48, Bellevue

Senate: Rodney Tom

House 1: Ross Hunter

House 2: Deb Eddy

District 49, Vancouver

House 1: Jim Jacks

House 2: Jim Moeller

King County Council

Joe McDermott

Kitsap County Commission

Commissioner Josh Brown

Pierce County Council

Pos. 5: Rick Talbert

Pos. 7: Betty Ringlee

Thurston County Commission

Commissioner Karen Valenzuela

Whatcom County Council

Jean Melious

Federal Way Mayor

Skip Priest

Local Ballot Measures

City of Bellingham Proposition 1 (Keep Bellingham Moving)

Endorsements by County

To see past endorsements and the 2010 endorsements by county, please visit the following county pages on the Washington Conservation Voters website:

Clark County

King County

Kitsap County

Pierce County

Skagit County

Snohomish County

Spokane County

Thurston County

Whatcom County