Captive Orca “Lolita” And Pacific White-sided Dolphin Show: A Missed Opportunity

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In a previous post, we took a look at how Resident (fish-eating) orcas interact with dolphins and porpoises in the wild. By contrast, here is a video of how the captive Southern Resident orca “Lolita” is portrayed at the Miami Seaquarium, in the company of captive white-sided dolphins.

I didn’t really count them, but it looks like there are more trainers pirouetting on the stage than there are dolphins in the water, and unfortunately the spiel given by one of the trainers is very misleading. In an attempt to be dramatic, the handler says ‘only wild orcas eat dolphins, but Lolita has shared her tank with them for 20 years!”. The show is wrong on so many levels, but deliberately missing the opportunity to explain that Lolita is from a type of orca that never eats marine mammals is just irresponsible.

What it will cost you to go to be misinformed and depressed by the conditions there:

Daily Rates
General Admission $37.95
Children (3 to 9) $27.95
Plus 7% Florida sales tax
Parking $8.00

For a family of two adults and two kids, it comes out to $149.03, plus whatever it cost to get to the facility.

In comparison, here again is the video clip of Lolita’s wild brethren swimming peacefully together with dolphins:

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