Changing Presidents in a Crisis is Like Changing Horses Midstream, and We Will All Get Wet if We Make That Mistake (Video)

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Crossing a stream on horseback is not always easy, and to transfer oneself from one horse to another during the process is inviting a ducking, if nothing worse. In the same way, if we think it necessary to make changes, we must choose the right moment to make them.
In 1864, at the height of the American Civil War, there were demands for a change in the presidency. The then president, Abraham Lincoln, replied to his critics:
‘I have not permitted myself, gentlemen, to conclude that I am the best man in the country; but I am reminded in this connection of a story of an old Dutch farmer, who remarked to a companion once that it was not best to swap horses when crossing a stream’.(Proverb Hunter)

The Washington Post:

Obama has been aggressive about bolstering the federal government’s capability to respond to disasters, while his Republican challenger believes that states should be the primary responders in such situations and has suggested that disaster response could be privatized.

Sometimes *stuff* happens:

Other times we make really, really bad choices, causing pain to others and to ourselves:

Global warming is real, and we are running out of time to do anything about it. PLEASE MAKE THE SMART CHOICE.

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