Chocolate Whales – Friday Happy Hour

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Munch on chocolate and contribute to a worthy cause, does it get much better?

“To celebrate marine life worldwide, Cetos Research Organization and Coco Délice have joined together to create the Whale Collection, a set of chocolates each adorned with a stylized whale image.
A percentage of the proceeds from this special Coco Délice Whale Collection will be donated to Cetos to support their ongoing whale research and conservation efforts.”

The Whale Collection

Coco Delice is working with Cetos Research Organization to create an a custom box of chocolates that will contain five different images of federally–protected whale species.  Information on these species will be included in each box.

The Whale Collection™ is designed to raise awareness of environmental issues, educate people about the ocean’s whales and create an important contribution to promoting conservation.
The sale of these one-of-a-kind chocolates will be available in summer 2010 at select retail shops, as well as science centers, zoos, aquariums, museums and other conservation-minded institutions.

Thanks to the American Cetacean Society for this week’s Happy Hour!

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