Communist Sympathizers Infiltrate SeaWorld Protest – the Question is Why?

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Protestors at SeaWorld Orlando, #Empty the Tanks
Protesters at SeaWorld Orlando, #Empty the Tanks

Each of Saturday’s events protesting the captivity of whales and dolphins was unique – not surprising since they occurred all over the world, in over 60 locations. The SeaWorld Orlando protesters’ unique stamp was the paper tombstones for each of the orcas who have died at SeaWorld (pictured above).
The unique bent at the SeaWorld San Diego demonstration was provided by alleged SeaWorld supporters who brought a Fellini-esque presence to the event – from their presence it would seem that if you wave a communist flag you believe in communism, are at a demonstration, and support SeaWorld.
SeaWorld protestors wave the American flag.
SeaWorld protesters wave the American flag, the communists are behind them.

What the heck is "Social Communism"?
What the heck is “Social Communism”?

According to demonstrators, these communist sympathizers often show up at protests in front of the Orlando SeaWorld and try to look like they are part of the anti-captivity movement. Is their goal to try to take credit for the obvious success of the movement? Are they trying to raise awareness about communism? And what is “Social Communism”? Is it different from “Anti-social Communism”? Does it have anything whatsoever to do with whales?

“Four fake communists pretended to be part of our anti-captivity demonstration at SeaWorld Orlando on 4-11-15. At the conclusion of the demonstration, Nathan Crawford of Space Coast For Cetaceans, seen on the video wearing a t-shirt and hat, conducts the interview. Bob Heisler of is the videographer and asks a few questions of the only talkative pseudo communist at the end.”
Reportedly the people waving the communist banners didn’t know anything about communism or whale captivity, so that was no help in getting answers.
Maybe they thought the Communist Party was a party?
Maybe they thought the Communist Party was a party?

A Google search was called for, and I learned that Communism is both inherently social and inherently economic. Social Communism, then, is an oxymoron. I found nothing that linked whales to communism, other than some communist countries display dolphins or whales for profit, a very capitalist concept.
More research showed that the hammer and sickle emblem isn’t used by the American Communist Party, so it is a bit baffling to see it displayed here in the USA.
Wikipedia explains that the star added over the top of the sickle and hammer originated in the now defunct Soviet Union, but other countries adopt it:

While there is no known original allegory behind the red star beyond being a universal political symbol, in the Soviet Union, the red star gained a more precise symbolism as representing the Communist Party, and its position on the flag over the united hammer and sickle symbolised the party leading the Soviet working class in the building of communism.
Today the red star is used by many socialist and communist parties and organizations across the world.

Macy's, we're on to you!
Macy’s, we’re on to you!

Pellegrino, you don't fool us either...
Pellegrino, you don’t fool us either…

If you add up the facts – a Soviet Union era flag, displayed by people who know nothing about communism at an animal rights protest, there is only one – and obvious – answer to why they are there. Someone wants people the world over to think that a group of people exercising their Constitutional Rights in front of SeaWorld are communists.
I wonder who? And how did they get communist sympathizers to do it? (SeaWorld could not be reached for comments.)
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