DOGS BAKED ALIVE – BAN THIS NOW! Atrocious, Cruel, and Inhumane Treatment of Animals – More Reasons to “Buy American”

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Update 4/26/12  Tech-savvy citizen rescues 500 dogs from becoming dinner.

Atrociously cruel practice.


“Dogs are suffering a hellish death by being baked alive for a ‘better flavor’, due to extreme release of stress hormone adrenaline. Needs no explanation, but this is important to save innocent dogs from this unspeakable horror and restore some common decency for the good humans in China, who object to this.
It is legal and accepted and encouraged in China to put dogs into sacs alive, and then into ovens to bake them alive!!  We know the government and culture in China has difficulty seeing that animals must not be tortured.  In China they are subjected to the unthinkable, of being skinned while alive and conscious for furs, beaten to make their meat more tender, cats boiled alive for food, dogs baked, and many more obvious offenses and atrocities.  The culture looks at animal rights as ‘laughable’ and the only way to exert pressure for change is with boycotting of tourism, and products.  Sanctions are necessary, but the U.S. government won’t do that….we are in financial debt to China.”

Receiving this request in my inbox has finally put me over the top – though I normally focus on ocean life with occasional forays into horse issues, the fact that this quiet request might have gone unnoticed in the flood of general things we all get in our emails and on Facebook triggered in me a latent plan to just quit supporting nations that accept cruelty as business as usual.  From animals to humans, cruel and vicious practices are tolerated because we let them, we turn our eyes away, flip through channels on the TV, we don’t read papers anymore, we choose our Facebook communities and tune out what we don’t like.
I acknowledge that much of what we can purchase here has components that are from other countries and can’t be avoided, and buying just American goods is not possible or practical.  But we can be selective.
My next new car is not going to be Japanese because of whaling practices. It will not be Chinese because of human rights and the hideous treatment of animals.  We’ll see about the remaining choices…
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

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