Former SeaWorld Trainers Launch Interactive Website

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Carol Ray

Jeff Ventre

There often comes a time when we have to make the tough choice between staying and going; when we realize that our dreams have taken a sudden shift, or when life circumstances change out from underneath us – we find ourselves giving up careers to stay home with the kids, passing up job promotions, downsizing our homes, going back to school, or leaving unhealthy relationships.
It was no different for each of these four former SeaWorld trainers. Each one reached a point where they could no longer justify being part of an industry that cloaked mistreatment of animals behind the guise of entertainment. Each one chose to leave.
Samantha Berg

John Jett

They went on to establish themselves in new careers, yet none could shake the feeling that  something needed to be done to help the whales they left behind. And one by one, they began to speak out.
And to speak for the whales.
Now they have launched Voice of the Orcas,  a thoughtful website that presents videos, taped interviews, photos, testimonials, research papers and more. Their website shines a laser on what happens to whales in captivity below the surface of the glitzy shows.

The captive orcas now have a voice, and it is a compelling one.

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