Gowanus Dolphin Knew a Moment of Compassion Before Dying

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Gowanus Dolphin moment of communion from Aaron Stewart-Ahn on Vimeo.
Even though the authorities were reticent to help this dolphin (please see previous post), one man responded to the animal’s plight with courage and compassion, braving the frigid temperatures and polluted water to provide a few minutes of comfort. While it is technically not permitted nor advised, this man did what no one else could summon the nerve to do. Whoever he is (and I hope we can locate him), I think we can all express a collective sigh of relief – the best of humanity showed up for the poor dolphin as well as the most indifferent. Kudos.
Words from Aaron Stewart-Ahn, who filmed the moment of compassion:

Gowanus Dolphin moment of communion
from Aaron Stewart-Ahn Plus

On January 25 2013 a common atlantic dolphin was trapped in the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, a federal Superfund site that is one of the most polluted waterways in the entire United States. Decisions were made by NYPD & marine mammal rescue not to attempt a rescue of the animal but to wait and observe. A few hours later a man on a beat up bicycle showed up and decided to comfort the dolphin. Without saying a word he entered the water. The dolphin was extremely affectionate and responded to his touch. This lasted for quite awhile.
After awhile the man came out of the water and went home to have a shower, he said. The dolphin then headed up the canal and finally cleared the floats from the oil facility that had kept him penned in all day. But then he drifted to a group of onlookers where he stayed all evening before dying around 6pm, as snow fell.

Thanks to Elizabeth Batt for letting me know about this, what a cheerful antidote to today’s earlier reports!

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