Horse Slaughter, Dolphin Slaughter – Isn’t There a Better Solution?

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Last month’s passage of a budget bill that authorizes federal funding for USDA inspections of horse meat quietly gave the green light for the re-opening of horse slaughter plants in the U.S. Over 100,000 American horses — both domestic and wild — are slaughtered each year, suffering the ultimate betrayal and cruelest of fates.  For more information, please read  ‘A Victory for the horse killers’
Whether the subject is dolphins or horses, it seems that a handful of humans can always manage to find ways to circumvent popular opinion in order to profit from the slaughter of some of the world’s most beloved animals.

Dolphin Slaughter

Helicopter Stampede

Whether slaughter is a viable alternative to the problem of excess horses is a question that merits consideration, but ultimately, as a nation, we have to decide how we can control the factory farms and corporations that are behind the slaughter. Mustangs are killed to keep their numbers in check – so that ranchers can run cattle on public lands, not out of any abstract concept that we humans know what is best for the horses.
Just as ranchers want to control mustangs, in parts of the world dolphins are killed because people think they are in competition for fish – and in the U.S. this argument has been used to ‘manage’ seal and sea lion populations. 

The following is an excerpt from a  newsletter that weighs the pros and cons with respect to horses, yet it touches on the larger issues of social responsibility:
“Hello Island Trail Riders Club Members:
“The reason we fought against the selling of horse-meat so many years ago was because they were rounding up wild horses with helicopters, running them into the ground till babies dropped and the mares stayed with them in exhaustion. The rest of the herd ran till they dropped, broke a leg or were roped from the copters with tires attached to exhaust them. All for dollars from the pet food market.
“Our fight was a good fight for wild horses, I thought we won. I understand the argument for humane reasons, I just want to see the most humane treatment of the unwanted. All we can hope for is that we get good discussions going till we, the horse community, come up with a solution
This  is a thoughtful letter from one of our members;

“Another big stumbling block to my mind anyway, is that we have 2 very different horse  situations going on. But because they both have to do with horses they seem to get lumped together and make for such  an overwhelming dilemma that people throw up there hands and think yep, we got to have slaughter. With that kind of mentality what are we really going to end up with in the end?
Our wild horses  who can think And take care of themselves just fine, hardy as hell, great hooves, genetically diverse, provide food for other wildlife-oh,no wait a minute, we’re killing off their predators too) will be managed to unviable herds, losing all the high quality traits, social structure they are known for and truly be worthless. Managed to death. So that we can enjoy getting fat on hamburgers and have heart attacks. Oops, sorry, I’m getting off the point.
Our domesticated varieties are Our Responsibility and unfortunately we don’t always breed for quality traits. Don’t get me wrong, my hat is off to the credible breeders, but when you breed same to same, or, lets just see what those two will make, or, lets breed for  speed, color, size,  hair or trend, we are loosing the mind, stamina, hardiness of the horse. How many domesticated breeds have we bred to death ? Track horses, bred for one thing and it aint longevity. And if they aren’t lining somebody’s pocket , well, you know the rest of the story. Only the very fastest make the grade, I wonder how many lives are created and dumped to get that fastest horse and even he will be dumped in short time.
My point being that there are lots of reasons not to go along with Slaughter. If we really are Horse lovers- in the true sense- we’re going to one day want to go back to their God given traits . We won’t find them on public lands because they will have been “managed” down to retarded misfits. If we condone Slaughter we’re not only doing a disservice to the horse, condoning irresponsible behavior, setting a bad example to our children, the world,  but we’ll end up shooting ourself in the foot too. Where will we find genetic diversity?
I think Mustangs and the BLM round- ups are one issue and ownership of Domesticated animals is another. And to me factory farming is no different than inhumane horse slaughter. Animals in our care deserve Our Care. Wether they are raised for meat or pleasure there is no excuse to be cruel or negligent. Those that are should be dealt with accordingly, not the animal goes off to slaughter. We don’t send kids to slaughter because their parents are irresponsible —-ups.
It should be a privilege to have animals and if we abuse that privilege there should be consequences. If we buy it or breed it , it’s Our responsibility.
I’m a good listener but I can’t abide arguing for argument sake. Lets talk, be open minded and come up with a solution.
Horse lover, if you’re gonna eat hamburgers buy the meat that has been raised responsibly. If you’re gonna get a horse think of it like marriage (well, like we used to think of marriage- through sickness and health, till -natural or humanely- death do we part sort of thing). If you’d like to have a horse but can’t afford it, can’t make that kind of commitment, help out at a rescue, there’s so many ways to be with horses that don’t cost anything. If you have a horse but are struggling, Ask for help! If you see an abuser  report the situation. But let’s not take our shortcomings out on the innocent.” (Anonymous).

Happy Trails,
Theresa Simendinger”
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