J Pod Orca Whales Are Back – All of Them!

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Today (15 May 2013) The Center for Whale Research documented that all of the J pod whales are back in the San Juan Island region, including the oldest matriarch J2 (‘Granny”) who is believed to be around 100 years old.
These Southern Resident orcas spend most of their winter elsewhere, then come back to the San Juans (off the coast of Washington State) to hunt their preferred fish, Chinook Salmon, in the spring and summer months.
This year the Center has a newly redesigned website with enticing membership options, including access to some beautiful photos of the individual whales.

J30 with greatgrandmother j2 and younger sister J37 (Photo by Astrid van Ginneken, Center for Whale Research)
J30 with great-grandmother j2 and younger sister J37 (Photo by Astrid van Ginneken, Center for Whale Research)

Here is the summary from today’s encounter, but you will need to become a member in order to see the photos – and your membership will support a very worthwhile cause. Without the efforts of the Center for Whale Research, we would not be aware of how few orcas have historically lived in the region, hence the Center’s data was fundamental to putting an end to the capture of these orcas for amusement parks. Please support them and join! Center for Whale Research.

Encounter Summary for 5/15/13:
Our encounter began just East of Trial Island with all of J pod plus L87 slowly traveling inshore in a loose group. The whales separated into two main groups as they worked their way down the West side of Discovery Island and East towards San Juan Island. The whales seemed to become quite active along the Discovery Island shoreline as they did many tail lobs, spy hops, and half breaches. As the whales approached the West side of San Juan Island the whales spread out and some whales headed South while the other groups headed North. Our encounter ended just South of Hannah Heights. This is the first time this year that all of J pod has been seen together near San Juan Island.

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