Japanese “Research” Whalers vs Sea Shepherd – Sunday ‘What Are They Thinking?’ Category

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If the tables were turned…

It is baffling, really, that the Japanese whalers think they might find success in American courts to protect  Japanese illegal whale slaughter (see earlier article) – Americans are against both the slaughter of whales and the protection of criminals on the high seas. (The text below is taken from court transcripts).
THE COURT (The judge): “Let me ask you a few questions,
counsel. I have identified that balancing hardships as an
issue for this court. If the purpose of the Institute of
Cetacean Research is truly research, why have I not seen
any documented evidence of how defendants’ activities are
interfering or disrupting your ability to conduct

(Courtesy Inventor Spot)

Plaintiff (Japanese whalers’ attorney): “So I don’t think this scientific research is — In our view it is a red herring. They would like to turn
this case into a case about the validity of the permit,
about the validity and value of scientific research on
whales. But the court should not wade into that quagmire
in a situation in which the court is being asked to do one
thing, and one thing only, and that is to protect property
and life.

(The judge’s final ruling on this case is complicated by jurisdictional matters and may take a while to sort out, but there is nothing to indicate that the decision to not put an injunction on Sea Shepherd will change).

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