Join the Visual Petition to Protect the Wild White Whales – Fun, Quick and Effective

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Visual petitions are a way to connect people with a shared interest and to deliver a united message. Whether you use the photos provided on the website or make your own creative message, in a short time you can add your own image to thousands of others and help make a difference.

From the Visual Petition

Stop the Georgia Aquarium from Importing Wild-Caught Belugas (Humane Society).
The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta has applied for a permit from the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service to import these 18 wild-caught beluga whales from Russia. Meanwhile, much closer to home, 40 already-captive belugas languish in substandard conditions at Marineland of Canada.
If the permit is approved, the aquarium will transport these wild-caught whales 6,000 miles, first to Belgium and then across the Atlantic, causing the animals tremendous stress. For hours on end, the whales — highly sensitive to noise and handling — would be forced to endure the roaring engines of cargo planes. On top of that, the 1- to 1.5-ton animals would be transferred from one container to another — and then one plane to another — during their grueling journey’s layover in Belgium. It’s too much for these aquatic mammals, and it will be extremely stressful.
The 40 belugas at Marineland of Canada are desperately in need of rescue from deplorable conditions. The Georgia Aquarium could rescue them from misery, with a much shorter transport, rather than ship 18 whales 6,000 miles from Russia.
The Georgia Aquarium needs this permit to move forward with the import—help halt this application.

Activist Ric O’Barry

The photo above is part of an anti whaling petition by Surfers 4 Cetaceans.  Below is a collage of photos of people with signs, assembled to form an image of the highly endangered Hector’s dolphin  (from Let’s Face It Dolphins).

You can download and print out a photo provided on the website, then take your picture.

To join in to help the belugas:
Please go to the website’s Facebook page TODAY (October 10th, 2012) if possible and follow the directions on how to print a sign and submit your photo.  If you can’t make this first deadline it is still important to add your picture – then watch the petition grow!

Free the Atlanta 11 will print and assemble the visual petitions and ensure that they are presented to NOAA at the public hearing on October 12, 2012. We will continue to collect your visual petitions, so please encourage your friends to submit theirs, even if they submit it after the October 12 hearing. NOAA will begin evaluating public comments after the comment period closes on October 29, 2012, but please continue submitting your Visual Petitions and Free the Atlanta 11 will continue assembling and keeping you apprised of our progress.

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