Lolita the Killer Whale’s Plight Drew a Flood of Responses – What You Can Do Next

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Empty the Tanks Events are being held worldwide.
Empty the Tanks Events are being held worldwide.

“1,742 Comments Received”. At 6:20 a.m. on June 26th there were just 367 comments on whether on not the government should consider the right of the captive Southern Resident orca, Lolita, to be listed as endangered as is the rest of her family. (Read more here). Two days later when the comment period closed, the count was up to 1,742, showing the strong sentiment against keeping these large members of the dolphin family in captivity – but more importantly, illustrating the effectiveness of social media – and it is something we can all do to help.
Social media maven Champions for Cetaceans‘ Kirsten Massebeau was instrumental in sending reminders that the comment period was closing on Lolita’s possible listing as an endangered species and Kirsten, in turn, credits getting a reminder from someone else.  Two people made a huge difference for one whale, and this type of sharing is something we each can do.
There is a quiet storm brewing on the horizon –  international events will be taking place on July 27th, as part of Empty the Tanks Worldwide where there are opportunities to get involved on every level, from protesting at amusement parks to tweeting your opinion.  (There are links to event at the bottom of this article – including the Miami Seaquarium where Lolita is kept).
The brainchild of Seattle area resident Rachel Greenhalgh, the Empty the Tanks Worldwide will take place in 20 cities in nine countries. The events are planned individually, tailored to each location.
Wristbands available at
Wristbands available at

If there are no events in your area, one thing you can do is to organize a meet-up with other people  in your community who share your views and brainstorm about ways to educate the public on the quality of life experienced by captive whales and dolphins.  The thrilling documentary Blackfish about orca aggression in captivity will be released soon in theaters everywhere – arrange a group to go watch the movie then discuss it over dessert or cocktails. Then share what you come up with, and keep sharing. Death at Seaworld is coming out in paperback tomorrow (7/2/13), and would  be a terrific choice for a book club. Obtain a wristband and use it to start conversations on captivity with people you encounter everyday – in post offices, grocery stores etc.  You can share your experiences/ideas at the Empty the Tanks Worldwide Facebook page.
Below is the list of participating locations for Empty the Tanks Worldwide:

Dolfinarium Harderwijk – Netherlands 
Durban, South Africa 
Edinburgh,UK –
Georgia Aquarium – Georgia, USA  
Kamogawa Sea World, Japan – 
Las Vegas Mirage Hotel Dolphin Habitat, USA – 
Mar del Plata, Argentina – 
Marineland Canada – Ontario, Canada 
Miami Seaquarium – Florida, USA – 
National Aquarium – Baltimore, USA  
Ocean Park, Hong Kong – 
Osaka, Japan – 
Sea Life Park, Oahu, USA –  
SeaWorld Australia – Gold Coast, Australia 
SeaWorld Orlando – Florida, USA  
SeaWorld San Antonio – Texas, USA  
SeaWorld San Diego – California, USA  
Shedd Aquarium – Chicago, USA 
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA, USA
Toronto, Canada –  
Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC – 


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