“Occupy SeaWorld” Movement – Sights Are Set on Corporate Excess (A Visit Will Cost You $414 for a Family of Four for One Day!)

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While so many of the huge corporations that regularly shake down consumers – such as oil companies – are beyond our control, others seem to wrestle what few dollars we have left for fun out of our grasp by enticing us to willingly spend. SeaWorld is that type of a business – families are attracted to the amusement park by promises of exciting and educational shows and by images of kids happily feeding dolphins and sea lions – but are not informed of the true cost to spend a day there. SeaWorld also gets consumers to donate to their ‘conservation causes’ or research programs – then rarely share the results of their research, or inform us where the money goes.
It was inevitable that sooner or later, people would perceive the unfairness of this billion dollar corporation, and various takes on ‘Occupy SeaWorld’ are cropping up on the internet, in which people are expressing their unhappiness at SeaWorld’s outrageous prices – when it comes to fleecing the public, SeaWorld seems to have mastered the art form. The cost to walk in the gates is exorbitant: At SeaWorld California it is $69.99 for an adult,  and $61.99 for children age 3 to 9 years.  Children 10 and up pay adult price. Add parking, $14.00.  So for a family of four, with kids over nine years old, the total so far is about $294. Add food, and for $30 per person you can eat all you want at certain outlets (or opt to buy individually, but at $5 for a bottle of water that adds up too).   At $30 per person that is another $120.00, and so this family would be out $414, before souvenirs.  And don’t forget, there is the cost of getting to SeaWorld from wherever it is that you live.
SeaWorld Florida is even more expensive: $82 for anyone over nine years, so it would cost a family of four with older kids $462.

San Diego Union Tribune

There is a FaceBook page called ‘Occupy SeaWorld‘ which describes itself as “A page dedicated to exposing the corporate greed, whale laundering and cetacean exploitation within marine parks, an industry that operates under a façade of education and awareness.”  On their information page you’ll find these links:
Secrets of Killer Whale Captivity ExposedSeaWorld Taking Government Grant MoneyOSHA vs SeaWorld Showdown
SeaWorld is making billions from your money, so you might think carefully before choosing to go there. A day at the beach is free, and with a little effort will create memories to last a lifetime.

Some blogger comments:

Want to feed tiny dead anchovies to the seals or dolphins? Who wouldn’t? Just plunk down $6 for a paper tray holding five – count ’em, five – of the little fishies no bigger than your little finger. For the mathematically challenged, that’s $1.20 per slimy sea lion snack.
You’ve gotta give the SeaWorld people credit (but I’m sure they’d take cash). Because they’ve done everything possible to make sure you don’t leave the park at the end of the day with even loose change in your pockets.
Okay, where were we last week? Oh, yes … outside the exit to SeaWorld’s Shipwreck Rapids ride discussing the $5-a-pop walk-in “drying stations.” It’s actually an ingenious set up – first you soak shivering riders to the bone, then offer them immediate relief – for a price.Can you say insane profit margin, boys and girls? So, where’s the “Occupy SeaWorld” movement?

From Yelp:

But BEWARE! The food is absolutely horrendous anywhere in the park. I suggest packing sandwiches or snacks to have throughout the day. We had the most disgusting paninis at Island Pete’s and they were $10! I get spending a lot for food at an amusement park, but at least make it edibile. Take your own food in, they don’t really check or else you’ll end up spending a fortune on disgusting food.
Scottsdale, AZ


Sea world has turned into a noneducational, crappy amusement park, with sad looking animals.
As a child, I went to Sea World a few times.  I remember it having excellent shows with knowledgeable trainers who incorporated educational information about the animals into each show.  I remember a clean environment that was focused on teaching children about wildlife conservation and protection of species.
Unfortunately, this is no longer the case.  Sea World has turned into a 2nd rate zoo that is 1/2 carnival.  When my kids were asked what they liked most about Sea World there answer was “The rides and the gift shops!”
Our kids were excited to go to Sea World.  They walked into Sea World ready for all their questions to be answered.  They were excited to find out all they could about their favorite animals, ex: Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, polar bears, and penguins.  Instead of learning about these animals, they were bombarded with gift shops around every corner and carnival games on every pathway.  They wanted to get their picture taken with the woman dressed up like a mermaid and they wanted to ride the numerous rides around the park.  FAIL SEA WORLD!  My kids came for education and adventure, and they ended up being sucked into your carnival games and rides.
I wish I would have read reviews before I went.  One review I read (after our trip) said it was under new ownership.  I don’t know that for a fact, but I do know that something horrible has happened to cause such a drastic change in the quality of this place.  At $60-$70 a ticket, I would think twice.  SEA WORLD ISN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE, AND IT ISN’T WORTH THE $.

Most of the positive reviews are because of the whale shows…although it is hardly reasonable to pay so much money to watch whales jump around to loud music, for an hour or so. And certainly not fair to the animals.

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