Orca Whale Morgan Might go Free, Experts Have Changed Their Opinions.

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“A juvenile killer whale called Morgan was found alone in Dutch waters on June 23, 2010 and has been cared for since then by the Harderwijk Dolphinarium. Now that Morgan appears to be in good health, the Free Morgan Support Group , together with a global team of experts, has presented a solid plan to return her to her native habitat. The plan was designed and endorsed by scientists and experts in orca physiology, behaviour and acoustics.” This whale faces a life in captivity, and a decision may be made on November 7th, 2011. Please contact the Free Morgan Foundation and The Orca Coalition for more information.

Wietse van der Werf (right) of the Orca Coalition

Press release from The Orca Coalition:

Amsterdam, November 6th, 2011 –
“Four of the seven Dolfinarium scientists previously cited in the case to Free Morgan are now turning against the proposal to export Morgan to Loro Parque.
This fact will be reported by the Orca Coalition in the summary proceedings of November 7th when the future of orca Morgan will again go before Dutch officials.
The new developments seem to change the course of the case, and with this the release of Morgan is closer than ever.
The fact that Morgan’s family group has been located, combined with the knowledge that large groups of orcas are frequently spotted in the vicinity of the proposed release area, has increased the likelihood that Morgan will be released. Three of the experts of the Dolfinarium, including John Ford* have now even offered their help in executing the release plan written by the Free Morgan Foundation.
In addition to the scientists who are united in the Free Morgan Foundation, more than twenty experts are prepared to confirm this in a written statement.

At the trial for Morgan’s release, Monday, November 7 2011 The Orca Coalition will be assisted by one of the experts of the Free Morgan Foundation.  Together we will show the judge that releasing Morgan is the only feasible decision.

(The Orca Coalition is a collaboration between the Dutch wildlife conservation organizations Dolphin Motion, EDEV – Een Dier Een Vriend, Bite Back, PINK!, Sea First Foundation, The Black Fish and Four PAWS.)”

*John Ford is well known for his work with the Northern Resident orcas of the Salish Sea. He is an Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Zoology, UBC, and Research Scientist, Pacific Biological Station, Fisheries & Oceans Canada

I’ll keep you updated as news comes in!

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