Orcas Eat What??? Maybe Something Was Lost In Translation…

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Imagine watching a talk show – maybe you’re puttering around the  house or emailing a friend – when something comes on the TV that you find hard to fathom.  Your attention is now fully focused on the television screen and confusion enters your mind when you hear the what the orca expert says in answer to the hosts’ question – “yes”,  he says, “orcas eat humans”. So much for the effectiveness of amusement park education programs.

The absurdity of having the person in charge of the well-being of the little lost orca Morgan being so misinformed or disingenuous would have been impossible to miss and difficult to ignore, even if you’d never seen an orca or really new much about them. Some things are just wrong, and as time goes on it dawns on you that the Dolphinarium where Morgan is being kept has no plans to really help the young whale find her family.
Instead they are making plans to ship little Morgan to a Spanish amusement park off the coast of Africa where she will have to live her life in captivity, in the company of SeaWorld’s displaced orcas.
So what do you do? If you are Nancy Slot-Slokker you become increasingly concerned that nothing is being done to ensure that the orca is well cared for or will ever have an option to be released into the wild.
And one day you just decide to do something, the result of which culminated in the successful legal effort that has stalled the plans to send Morgan into a life of captivity.  (For more information on Morgan and the organizations  involved, go here).
The effort is huge, and like Nancy you can jump in and help. For more information about the legal defense for the orca Morgan, or to make donations (they have some terrific t-shirts for sale here) please go to The Orca Coalition website.
In Nancy’s own words:

Nancy Slot-Slokker

“Never in my life have I seen a killer whale, so I honestly don’t know what came into me…
Something very wrong was going on, that much was clear, and I hoped someone would do something for Morgan. Suddenly it came to me… why should I expect somebody else to take action?
One thing led to another and before I knew it I was having coffee with Wietse van der Werf to see what we could do. Neither of us really had the time (I have two young kids), so we agreed we would do something small, mainly to raise awareness.We each found people willing to join forces…if we’d all do something we should be able to pull this off.
Our group grew, and soon we were a coalition of several animal welfare organizations: The Orca Coalition.
I never expected it to be this difficult, time consuming and frustrating, but at the same time, the longer the battle lasted, the more determined we were to see that Morgan is released! I’m proud to say I am part of this fantastic group of inspiring people who are fighting relentlessly to save this magnificent creature from captivity!
In spite of all the setbacks we’ve encountered, we never lost hope, and recent developments have given me enough confidence to say: I look forward to the day I’ll see Morgan for the first time in my life, the day she is released into the wild, where she belongs…”
~Nancy Slot~

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