Orcas Were Partying At Superbowl Half-time In Elliot Bay Yesterday, Watch For Them Today! 2/7/2011

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(Photo by Basil von Ah)

It sounds as though the whales put on quite a show in a rare visit to Elliot Bay just about half-time of the Superbowl game yesterday …maybe they are Packer’s fans, or possibly they could hear the combined effect of thousands of TVs as the Black Eyed Peas played electronic and futuristic music.

Or just maybe the orcas are finding enough salmon to eat in Puget Sound this winter and had energy to spare; we can only hope that efforts to clean the sound and restore salmon habitat are beginning to pay off and that the orcas will become regular winter visitors to the urban shores of Puget Sound.

It is happening in other places in the world – dolphins and whales are returning to the bays and beaches of our cities as the environment is cleaned up and the animals are offered protection, as noted in these recent articles about San Francisco, New york, and southern China:

Whales return to New York city; Massive mammals appearing in seas near city; draws sightseers

Porpoises in [San Francisco] bay waters off Marin for first time in 60 years

White dolphins frolic again as eco-environment improves [China]

Who knows, if there are enough salmon in the fall runs, maybe the orcas will be around for the whole football seasons next year!

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