Rare Sighting of a Pod of Elusive Snorcas! (Sundays, on the Lighter Side)

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Periodically, in the quiet slush of fallen snow the rare snorcas begin to appear.  Highly transient and endangered by local warming they are difficult to find – but fortunately, they have been photographed in increasing numbers recently.

Dr. Brad Handsome, courtesy tguy5_render02_f ?

Brad Handsome of the NMNFL (National Marine No Fish Left Agency) tried in vain to affix satellite tags to two snorcas, leaving their dorsal fins crumbled, and was overheard to say “They just seemed to melt away in front of my eyes”.
Although Orca Network dutifully reports snorca sightings, there are no plans to have experts available at the upcoming Ways of Whales Workshop to discuss these elusive cetaceans (the workshop promises to be both interesting and educational on other species however, and is highly recommended). Orca Network is unavailable for comment at press time.
San Juan Island snorcas by Doug McCutchen

Portland snorcas by Katie Preston

By Rob Schouten, courtesy Victory Lee Schouten Whidbey Island, 2011

Young snorca with bamboo blow, also on Whidbey...possibly one of the first sightings, several years ago. By Susan Berta

This sighting in Olympia bears a remarkable resemblance to the captive orca "Lolita". By shelby Proie

By Giovanni Galarza (no large format photo available for this elusive snorca yet)

Late breaking news; Eastern Washington snorcas persist!
Eastern Washington snorcas ( Soozan Larson)

Please report all snorca sightings to the Orca Network FaceBook Page.

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