SeaWorld Accused of Stealing Park Designs, Faces More Lawsuits

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SeaWorld’s self-defeating tendency to do the wrong thing then lie about it seems to pop up everywhere, and it is difficult to find positive things to say about their parks these days, though I am rooting for them to change.

Revere designed a roller coaster and other attractions, and was never paid by SeaWorld (Creative Commons photo)

Currently embroiled with the U.S. government over their responsibility in trainer Dawn Brancheau’s death last year, SeaWorld faces a simultaneous lawsuit from Revere Entertainment Studios who claim that SeaWorld contracted with them for park designs, implemented the designs with slight modifications, then refused to pay the studios.
SeaWorld’s comment?
“SeaWorld and the other defendants argued that Revere signed a non-confidentiality agreement and that Busch Entertainment “made no commitment to keep products, ideas or materials secret or in confidence.”  In an emailed statement, Fred Jacobs, a spokesman for SeaWorld, called the allegations “baseless and meritless.” (Read more: )
So the billion dollar corporation, rather than pay up for the designs, took advantage of a trusting designer…because they thought they could get away with it.  Because SeaWorld is used to operating like schoolyard bullies and pushing around the powerless.  Because they have never figured out that a simple apology and willingness to pay their debt would do more for their bottom line than winning a lawsuit.
Other gems?  Spokesperson Jacobs has said, with respect to the brutal dolphin captures in Taiji  “We think we’re being unfairly criticized for something we’re opposed to, haven’t been involved with in 20 years, and when we were involved with it, it was for very good reasons.(More here)
Their take on the fines issued to them in relation to Brancheau’s death:  “These allegations are completely baseless, unsupported by any evidence or precedent and reflect a fundamental lack of understanding of the safety requirements associated with marine mammal care,” said SeaWorld spokeswoman Becca Bides. “The safety of our guests and employees and the welfare of our animals are core values for SeaWorld and areas in which we do not compromise.” (Huffington Post).  This, after three people lost their lives.
SeaWorld does do important rescue and rehabilitation work, but at this point that fact is overshadowed by their apparent inability to admit mistakes and make corrections, and is diminished by their attempts to suppress information and cover-up failure.

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