SeaWorld is Hiring! Jobs Are Available at Three of Their Parks

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According to Central Florida News 13 SeaWorld is hiring seasonal employees at SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica, and Discovery Park.
A quick check with a calculator shows that at $8 per hour, your take home pay would be $268 per week (after deductions), $1072 per month, $12,864 per year.

Jim Atchison, President and Ceo of SeaWorld. Even the orcas think the hourly wages for employees are laughable.

So if you work at one of these jobs, it will take you  a bit less than two weeks to earn the $462 cost for a family of four with older children to visit SeaWorld Orlando.
But what the heck, it is a job, and jobs are scarce…
Open positions include lifeguards, game attendants, cooks, photographers and park operation hosts.
The pay range is $8.04 – $9.50 per hour, SeaWorld said.
Before you attend the hiring event: You are required to fill out an application online at
And by the way, if you are wondering how much the bosses make at SeaWorld, well, they’re not telling.  But let’s put it this way, they aren’t paid hourly, nor are they really salaried.
They are “compensated”.  They get a base pay of $100,000 or so and up possibly into the millions depending on park profits.
The less they pay you, the higher the profits, the higher the ‘compensation’The smaller the tanks, the cheaper the fish for the orcas, the higher the ‘compensation’.
Not to mention, the greater the dangerous stunts with trainers, the more the box office makes…but  how do they’compensate’ the families of killed and injured trainers?
They don’t.  They ‘compensate’ the CEOs.
A SeaWorld lifeguard – who might actually save a life – makes $9.50 per hour at most according to the announcement.  Go figure.

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