SeaWorld Protesters Bullied by Corporate Activists

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This video makes you wonder who SeaWorld’s die-hard fans are, really.
On February 17th, 2014, corporate activists supporting SeaWorld showed up and held their own little rally across the street from where families were peacefully demonstrating against SeaWorld’s policy of keeping large animals in small tanks.
Who spends their weekends demonstrating against demonstrators who don’t like the business where you work or play?
According to one commenter on the video’s YouTube page, the large vociferous fellow with the sunglasses has been seen at San Diego and Orlando protests. When the video was first posted I checked the link and the claim that he was in the photo is true, but the original photo has since been taken down.

He is definitely on SW’s payroll. You can see his picture on Protest the Protester’s event page. The picture is taken in Orlando. The guy with black shirt on the left. He has been antagonizing SD protesters in their last two protests. So SW must be sending him down to SD just to start a fight.

The captivity industry seems to have spawned an angry fan base of what are becoming known as ‘corporate activists’, who dedicate themselves to ‘protesting the protesters’. ┬áThese new activists are demonstrating (although it looks more like trying to intimidate others ) their own right to assemble… while trying to deny the same right to those who believe SeaWorld should end its policy of keeping whales in tanks for our amusement.

Activist in black (right) supports SeaWorld.
Activist in black (right) supports SeaWorld. (From video).

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