SeaWorld Shows Contempt for Government Safety Protocols (Video)

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BItPw3jCcAEv7_2 Lp orca socks
OSHA representative’s socks sported an orca – a reminder of the danger posed by these powerful animals? (Photo by Mike Deforrest,

The Ocean Advocate attended yesterday’s hearing in which SeaWorld continued its battle against OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) – SeaWorld wants to allow trainers to jeopardize their lives for entertainment, but the government finds the safety of human lives to be paramount.  The following is from the eyewitness coverage by Ocean Advocate, SeaWorld Full of Excuses and Contradictions at PMA Extension Hearing.
Published April 25, 2013

“SeaWorld and OSHA went at it again yesterday to decide if the Petition for Modification of Abatement Date (PMA) should be extended for a 6 month request.”
“OSHA insists that SeaWorld must prove that factors were beyond their control in order to extend the PMA. They said the PMA was denied because the employees are not protected.”

“SeaWorld maintains the stance that the current protocols of distance prevent the whales from grabbing or hitting the trainers allows trainers time to move away if a whale moves… They say trainers don’t have to approach a whale if they don’t want to “unless conditions are optimal”. Optimal is defined by the whale’s compliance during a line-up.”
“For now, SeaWorld was given two weeks to write the Limited Protective Order on the 26 protocols, then the post-hearing briefs will be due 30 days later. Although Judge Welsch requested that the case be handled expeditiously, SeaWorld, of course, didn’t feel the need. Go figure!”

News report of SeaWorld in violation of safety standards:

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