Seismic testing for oil blamed for dolphin deaths

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BlueVoice traveled to Peru in March, 2012 to document the rumor of large numbers of dolphins dead on beaches. We counted 615 in one day. Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos of ORCA Peru, funded by BlueVoice, has conducted necropsies on 30 of these dolphins.
He has found no evidence of disease, starvation, entanglement in nets or red tide. There were no marks or lesions on the exterior of the stranded dolphins. What he has found is evidence of acoustical trauma leading to rapid ascent and decompression syndrome. In other words loud noises, produced repeatedly over a long period of time, startled the dolphins who raced for the surface and incurred what humans call the bends.
Based on data gathered in Peru, BlueVoice has concluded that a plausible source of the violent sounds that led to the death of hundreds of dolphins is seismic testing by oil companies. Seismic testing is now proposed for the east coast of the United States from Florida to Delaware. We intend to bring the evidence surrounding the mass mortality of dolphins in Peru into the discussions of permitting seismic testing in US waters.

It is vitally important that we continue our work in Peru and that we inject this new evidence to stop the seismic testing off the U.S. coast.
Over the next eight years – according to the Obama administration’s estimates – seismic exploration would injure up to 138,500 marine mammals and disrupt marine mammal feeding, calving, breeding, and other vital activities more than 13.5 million times.
This could be catastrophic for the dolphins and whales we all love.

Make your opposition to seismic testing known to President Obama and your elected government officials. This link takes you to an easy to fill out form. This has more impact than a petition, and Blue Voice has provided you with the following message (or write your own)-
Sample message:
Recent events in Peru have shown that seismic testing for oil can kill or injure massive numbers of dolphins and other marine mammals. According to the Obama administration’s own estimates – seismic exploration off the east coast of the U.S. would injure up to 138,500 marine mammals. This is utterly unacceptable. Say “no” to seismic testing. Thank you.

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