Whale Blubber Fed to Unsuspecting Travelers – Could Whale Meat Wind Up in Beef? Or in Horse Meat?

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Smyril Line's high speed ferry Norröna travels between Iceland and Denmark
The Faroese Smyril Line’s high speed ferry Norröna travels between Iceland and Denmark

The European society for the protection of whales and dolphins, ProWal, issued a press release on the latest European meat scandal, when it was discovered that travelers were fed pilot whale blubber without being informed of what they were eating while on the ferry crossing between Denmark and Iceland :

Andreas Morlok, CEO of ProWal is disgusted: “The pilot whale blubber is not labeled as such in the restaurant of the ferry. The guest has no idea what exactly is being offered to him. the chef only gives information by word when asked, that the dish the guest is consuming is actually pilot whale blubber, which was proven to be such by a scientist from the Faroe Islands. Furthermore, missing is a warning at the display of the buffet that the pilot whale blubber is highly contaminated with environmental poisons as PCBs and methyl-mercury, which can be rather dangerous to human health.
Scientific studies prove that children from the Faroe Islands have high amounts of learning deficiencies and have as well disorders in the development of motor skills and the central nervous system. As an infant they already absorb these poisons through their mother’s milk, which is showing the highest toxic saturation worldwide. The percentage of people afflicted with the nervous disorder Parkinsons disease is double than that on the Danish mainland and the quality of male semen is also heavily affected by these toxins. Therefore, it is hardly astonishing that the World Health Organization (WHO) is urgently trying to dissuade people from the consume of whale products. In the EU these products are regarded as “hazardous material”.

Pilot Whale
Pilot Whale

The Faroe Islanders cling to the typical antiquated belief of other backwards whaling nations – that they have a right to brutally slaughter pilot whales because they have done it in the past. Theirs is a particularly cruel and unnecessary ritual, where boys at the age of 14 are encouraged to participate in the hacking to death of entire whale families – mothers, babies included.

No matter how they feel about whaling smart consumers want nothing to do with whale meat, but the Faroe Islanders who have contaminated their own bodies with an impressive array of toxins are now sneaking the meat into the European food chain.

The fact that they are feeding whale to tourists on the ferry makes you wonder where else that whale meat might turn up. What is to prevent the meat companies from adding the surplus whale meat into beef products? After all,  Horse meat was recently found in chicken nuggets as well as in sausage, hamburger patties, and other products.

It really makes you wonder what you are eating when you sit down to a meal anywhere in Europe, because the stubborn whaling nations are running out of legitimate markets for a product that people just don’t want to eat. It was easy enough for the now bankrupt Willy Selten meat works to contaminate beef products with horse meat, so it is conceivable that a desperate or corrupt company would do the same the same with whale meat.

In the U.S. a sushi restaurant was indicted for selling the meat from the endangered Sei whale in the Los Angeles area:

Typhoon Restaurant Inc., the parent company of the Hump, and Kiyoshiro Yamamoto and Susumu Ueda were named in the nine-count indictment. Other charges include conspiracy to import and sell meat from the endangered sei whale and lying to federal investigators. 
The Hump closed in 2010 after an associate producer of the documentary “The Cove,” which investigated the killing of dolphins in Japan, orchestrated a video sting. The Times reported that two participating activists asked if they could order whale meat as part of an omakase meal and a waitress served eight pieces, according to a federal affidavit. DNA tests confirmed the meat came from a sei whale, which is protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. It’s illegal to sell any kind of whale meat in the U.S.

The whale meat could just as easily have been served ground up in a burger patty, had it not been considered a delicacy.

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