What If SeaWorld Held Auditions and No One Came? The ‘Blackfish Effect’ Continues

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SeaWorld is having auditions for these and other "educational" characters, but no one seems interested.
SeaWorld is having auditions for these and other “educational” characters, but no one seems interested.

It is not just musicians who are turning their backs on SeaWorld these days. (Trace Adkins, Trisha Yearwood, Willie Nelson, Cheap Trick, Heart, Barenaked Ladies, Martina McBride, 38 Special, the Beach Boys, and Pat Benedar have all cancelled planned performances there and Joan Jett has lodged a complaint that her music is played at their Shamu shows.) As is the case with musicians, SeaWorld seems to be having trouble finding actors willing to don cartoonish costumes and promote the circus-like aspects of the amusement park as well.
They have repeatedly posted on the message board for an actor’s site, Broadway World and seem to be met with derision each time. Most of the actors are firmly against the idea of being involved with SeaWorld, having seen the film Blackfish. As a group they are very well informed, and did their own research before reaching their conclusions.

Auditions for Performers – SeaWorld
Posted: 2/17/14 at 10:48am
Auditions for 2014 SeaWorld Performers will be held:
Friday February 21, 2014
At SeaWorld Human Resources Training Center 2
10500 Sea World Dr., San Antonio, TX 78251

Visit seaworld auditions for more information.

Seeking: Musicians including Guitar Playing Singers, Steel Drum Band Players, Mimes, Dancers, Costumed Characters, Actors, Scare Squad Actors, Variety Artists. All talents welcome.

Below are some of the replies to the ad posted on the Broadway World message board, and if these are anything to go by, SeaWorld is going to have to stretch to find employees in many other capacities as well:

Posted: 1/6/14 at 10:17am

“Exactly. I have a hard time wrapping my head around anyone who would want to say they work or perform at Sea World now. Sea World has such a negative connotation in the public’s eye.”


Posted: 1/6/14 at 11:43am
“Bigger question: Why is a major casting office trolling BWW for performers?
Can’t Paul rustle up some “showcase cockroaches” for his Sea World needs?”

Posted: 2/8/14 at 03:14pm

SeaWorld is over, dude.
Willie Nelson & Heart

shamu5 sw talent search

Posted: 2/17/14 at 11:35am
“Oh, give it up”.
Posted: 2/17/14 at 11:50am
“Did somebody say Blackfish?”
Posted: 2/17/14 at 12:25pm
“Paul–or Paul’s intern–get your pimping [a**] outta here.”
Posted: 2/17/14 at 01:51pm
“Just going to copy&paste more or less what I said the last time (and the time before that) this guy advertised Seaworld.”

“Of the 158 captive killer whales that have died, more than 2/3 didn’t make it passed 10 years in captivity. Less than 30 orcas survived more than 20 years in captivity. Average time in captivity has improved steadily over the decades, but is still very low.” The average lifespan of a wild orca ranges from 30 to 90 years old.
Then again when you’re feeding questionable quality frozen fish to animals who normally hunt live fish or (in the case of transients) do not eat fish, then have to stuff them with vitamins and gelatin to attempt to give them nutrition and hydration, on top of keeping them in incredibly small, bare tanks that keep them constantly exposed to blazing sun (not to mention at least two whales who have died from West Nile Virus, thanks to Florida mosquitos), all without the normal physical activity and socialization they would achieve in the wild except when they are forced to perform amidst blaring music and noises (just to name a few things)… yeah, I would imagine their life expectancy in captivity is drastically reduced.
Seaworld slaps a fake smile on an industry that is abusive to humans and animals. At least 3 trainer deaths, at least one trainer permanently paralyzed, and countless injuries to trainers, volunteers and other people they allow to interact with the whales. 158 dead whales, almost all well below their normal life expectancy, and all forced into a life that is not even a fraction of what they deserve and would lead in the wild.

“Seaworld is deplorable.”
Posted: 2/17/14 at 03:20pm
“I’d rather audition for regional production of Cats. Seriously.”

And what does SeaWorld teach about whales and dolphins?
And what does SeaWorld teach about whales and dolphins?

Posted: 2/17/14 at 03:44pm
“Hey Paul! How about you live in a bathtub for the rest of your life? Yeah, I’m sure you’d be pretty pissed off too. F Seaworld.”
Posted: 2/17/14 at 04:29pm
“Kidnapping and horrible living conditions of whales aside, who doesn’t want to work at a place that just got investigated by OSHA?”

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