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Update 9/9/11 2pm:  “It has been a very long and drawn-out day today as were at the appeal hearing in the orca Morgan case. We can’t disclose full details at this moment as this might implicate on our legal steps but we can assure you that another step, albeit small, has been taken in the right direction. With your support we can keep moving forward – thank you!”  The Orca Coalition

Today (September 9th, 2011) [representatives for Dutch Minister Bleker, the State Secretary], will hear evidence as to whether the young orca Morgan that stranded in their waters last year will live out her life as part of SeaWorld’s stable of captive whales, or if she will be given a chance to go back home to live with her wild family.
A few weeks ago the courts ordered the various organizations involved in determining possible outcomes for the young whale to work together to come to a solution, and also required that Morgan should be immediately moved to a larger tank and be provided the companionship of dolphins.
While the groups working to secure the whale’s release fully complied with the judge’s ruling, the Dolphinarium stubbornly refused to cooperate (from Morgan’s legal defense team, the Orca Coalition):

Even while we all sat around the table to see how the parties could come together, a press release appeared in the media that the Dolfinarium had already spread that morning:
“The Dolfinarium is not willing to release orca in phases in Norway” (Trouw 14.32 05 -09-2011) and: “The management of the Dolfinarium will not participate in experiments with orca Morgan” (Telegraaf 05/09/2011 1:21 p.m.)
That these messages have already been spread BEFORE our meeting, shows in our opinion a great lack of respect for anyone who had given their precious time.

So the courts are scheduled to make another ruling today, to decide if Morgan can live here while gaining strength to return the wild,

Proposed temporary home for Morgan

We here at DeltaPark Neeltje Jans would like to offer our help and support in the following ways;
We can provide ‘facilities’ in the form of a semi-natural area of the DeltaPark Neeltje Jans complex.
We intend to offer financial support for the care of Morgan. This amount will be agreed upon at a later date.
We intend to provide educational displays at our expense (but with the assistance of the Free Morgan Group, please see details below).
We would like to clearly outline that Delta Park Neeltje Jans in no way wishes to lay anytype of claim for the ownership or rights of or for Morgan. We are fully aware that this ‘hosting’ of Morgan is intended to be of a short-term riature (which may range from six months or thereabouts, to multiple years).
We only wish to facilitate her rehabilitation and release in whatever way we can.
Additionally we wish to make it transparent that we are not asking for Morgan to appear in ‘shows’ of the nature often associated with theme parks. However, we would like to be able for the public to view Morgan as we believe this is a perfect opportunity to educate the public, not only about orca, but also the of rehabilitation and release programs for all species.

Or if she will just become another performing circus animal on a distant island.

Will Morgan have to live her life in a tank?

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